Nobody told me about Carb Flu

Two weekends ago, Hope was sick: sore throat, headache, weak body, nose gunk. Sick. I knew it was only a matter of time before I got sick, too. The following week (Hope was already feeling much better), I started to feel like my head was really foggy, my throat felt very thick and I had no energy whatsoever – my body just didn’t feel right. I assumed that whatever Hope had was now having its way with me. Lucky me.

I started to feel sick on Monday of last week. Thursday rolls around, and I am talking to my sister after babysitting her awesome son for the night. She asked what I was sick with earlier in the week (because I warned her that I might not be able to babysit) and I told her my symptoms. Then she offered me a piece of bread and I told her that I was trying to stay 100% paleo, so no carbs (unless they naturally occur) for me. That’s when she told me I wasn’t sick – I had the carb flu.

The what now?

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I’m A Runner (And So Can You)

I had a revelation today. An epiphany if you will. It hit me all of a sudden as I was doing my hill workout this morning before work. Hill workouts, by the way, are great for you blah blah blah but I hate them. It’s literally the worst part about running, but you have to do it over and over and over again. For my workout today, I had to do four sets of running for six minutes, walking for three. I would run up a hill to the top, back down it, and then down a hill to the bottom, and that was my route. Four times. I absolutely hated it.

But something occurred to me as I was running up and down (and up and down and up and down and up and down) my little hill near Memorial Park – I’m a runner. I don’t know when it happened. I don’t know how it happened, but I’m a runner. I complain about running-type things. I spend my time planning routes, planning weekend trips around when and where I am going to do my long run. I read books about running. I listen to podcasts about running. I eat a specific way to help improve my running.

Maybe this isn’t a big deal to you, but it is to me. I was never athletic growing up. Never played any sports, never really did anything even remotely athletic. But to consider myself a runner now is huge. And the biggest thing is – it isn’t a difficult thing to do. Running is easy. We were born to run. It’s a natural instinct – run towards something or run from danger. All you have to do is take the first step.


And make a rockin’ playlist.

Memorial Park Conservancy – You Have Failed This City


About three months ago, I started seriously training for the 2015 Houston Marathon. I joined Houston Fit and have been following their workout schedule pretty rigorously since then. Every Tuesday, we get together either in the morning or in the evening to do hill or speed workouts. On that first Tuesday, the coach said we should meet by the new Memorial Park Running Trails Center – a magical place I had never heard of. Apparently, they are building a brand new 4,400 square foot facility made specifically for runners. GREAT NEWS, right?

In theory.

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The One With the Juice Cleanse

Did you know that Friends first premiered twenty years ago this week? Twenty years. Two decades. Can you believe that? Could that be any longer ago? So, in honor of the Friendsaversery, I titled this blog post using the same method every of every episode title, except for two of them (“The Pilot” and “The Last One”).


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tough mudder is tomorrow

y’all – i am so excited about tomorrow. i’m running my second tough mudder ever, and it’s been too long since the first one. i love running races that aren’t races, because i can actually enjoy them and not worry about how slow of a runner i actually am. plus, there are several opportunities to stop and catch your breath during a tough mudder – everyone has to do it before each obstacle, so it’s kinda nice.

i’ll be posting a race recap later this weekend or early next week – depends on how much i’m hurting when its all said and done.


here’s a picture from last year’s. my wife and some friends came to tailgate, and we spotted them when there was about a mile left of the run. susanne, kemp and i were exhausted, and barely running at this point. but when we saw them, we all three started running like we were being chased by zombies. made for a pretty bad ass pic, if i do say so myself.


it’s all part of the plan

when i lost 100 lbs three years ago (or however long ago it was – i can’t keep track), i found out a lot about myself. i found out that i love eating healthy, but i love eating chips more. i found out that i LOVE running and working out. i also found out that i am really good sticking to a regimented plan – which is why quick weight loss centers worked so well for me.

when i was losing weight, i was a teacher. so i had time in the afternoons to go for a run – even if i ‘stayed late at work.’ i’m not a teacher anymore – i work in advertising now. every time i try to follow a workout plan, a client meeting or a pitch or a happy hour gets in the way. it’s extremely frustrating and disheartening. i’ll do really well for a few days, and then something work related will throw me off, and i’ll just give up.

so i’ve decided to try something new. take a look at my workout journal below:


i’m doing two things differently. first, i’m only planning out 5 days at a time. sure, my calendar for two weeks from now might look empty, but that can all change in 30 seconds. the second thing i’m doing is breaking up each page into a “planned” column and an “actual” column.

hopefully, this will be a much more flexible and customizable workout schedule. let’s say something comes up for friday and i can’t work out – that’s ok. i’ll just write down what i did or didn’t do in “actual” and then do friday’s workout on saturday. then, when i get to tuesday (which i haven’t planned yet), i can start all over and plan for the next five days.

i’ll let you know how this goes. here’s hoping it works…

i have a little bit of a problem

if you’ve been friends with me for a while, you’ve probably noticed it. heck, you’ve probably been super annoyed by it. so first off, let me just apologize. i don’t do it on purpose. but it just kind of happens. 

allow me to explain.

i go through spurts when it comes to social media. i’ll be all about it, create a blog and a twitter account and a facebook page, and go after it whole hog for a while. then i will get burned out, and stop using it for months. then i get the itch again, but instead of going back to what i had already started, i come up with a new idea, make a new blog and twitter and facebook page and start over from scratch. 

it’s really bad when you consider that i do social media for a living, and i am constantly warning my clients against this. 

well, i’ve just done it again. i got the itch. i made this blog. and a twitter account to go with it. but this time, i’m hoping it is different. this time, this blog is about me. 

all my other endeavors were about very specific things: viralNfection was about creative advertising. dietshmiet was about losing weight. but when something that i wanted to write or tweet about that didn’t really fit into those categories came up, i was kind of out of luck. not anymore.

here’s my commitment to this blog: i’m keeping up with it this time. this blog is only about one thing: me. if i want to write a post about something, i can – because this blog’s only theme is that it is the diary of one specific person. 

here’s hoping it sticks this time.

now, a little house keeping: if you really liked viralNfection and the ad of the week feature and other things like that, i sort of am doing that on my company’s official blog. so check out Satori Marketing to see interesting ads and campaigns. you can also follow us on twitter: @SatoriMarketing.

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