Pepperoni Pizza Casserole

My wife has a crazy love for pizza. The second I mention that I want to go on a diet or start eating better, her craving for Papa John’s goes through the roof. I’m pretty sure she has their number saved in her phone. The problem is – I’m not crazy about pizza. I mean, sure, I’ll eat a few dozen slices like the best of them, but I have just never had a love for Italian food. But then I found this recipe.

I was trying to find things that I know Hope would like, because I’m making her do this paleo thing so if she is being forced to do it AND she doesn’t like the food, that’s no bueno. So cruising around the internet, I stumbled upon the website Tessa the Domestic Diva and she had this recipe for Paleo Pepperoni Pizza Casserole. Except it wasn’t paleo. She uses cheese in it! I can’t stand it when people do that. But I digress.

The recipe was fairly easy to make, if you already have the ingredients made. If you make the sauce and the noodles the day before, it’s really, really easy. Ready? Here we go.


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Sausage Egg Cups

Two weekends ago, I went on a crazy cooking spree and cooked two different paleo casseroles as well as a breakfast frittata, in an effort to make weeknights easier so that I wouldn’t have to cook when I got home from work. That was the thought behind it, anyways.

What ended up happening is that the meals weren’t the greatest (they weren’t bad, they just weren’t OH MY GOSH I WANT MORE NOW), so I dreaded eating them every. single. day. It got old, fast. I’m not sure if I will do it again – maybe it will work out if the recipes are better – but for now I’m pretty burned out from doing that.

And I’m pretty burned out from having to cook every day. It gets annoying. Still working on getting over that.


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Lazoodle (Paleo Lasagna)

Yep. You read that right. I made up the name of this dish. No, this recipe is not mine – all the recipes on this blog so far have been from other, more creative minds. I’m going to start toying around with my own recipes soon, but I need to get a better handle on cooking, first. So this recipe is just paleo lasagna, but instead of pasta noodles I use zucchini noodles (or zoodles if you will) – thus the name. I know guys, I know – I’m so funny.

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Creamy Dill Salmon and Asparagus Fries

My oldest sister got married when I was in middle school. Her husband, Scott, is a cool guy, and he’s the brother I’ve never had but always wanted. When I was 15, they lived in Cinco Ranch in an awesome house, and I went to hang out with Scott for the night. I couldn’t drive, so my parents had to drop me off (always an awesome feeling), and it was just me and him hanging out. Because I couldn’t drive, and my sister took the car to go do whatever it was she had planned that night, Scott and I walked to Randall’s to get stuff for dinner. Keep in mind – I was a chubby 15 year old at the time – walking anywhere was not my favorite thing to do. But he insisted, so we walked, got some stuff to make grilled salmon and veggies, and walked back to his house. I thought I was going to die. He cooked salmon on the grill along with some bell peppers, mushrooms and onions, while I “helped.” And by helped, I mean wiped the sweat that was pouring off my face from the grueling half mile walk. I’ll always remember that salmon – it was the best fish I had ever had. I remember feeling really healthy that day – I walked to the store, ate grilled fish and veggies, and probably had only a little bit of candy.

It’s funny how your perceptions of things change when you look back at them. Here’s a picture of Scott and me from my wedding. He was my best man.

Mark and Scott

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Paleo Update – One Month Later

A month ago, I issued a challenge to myself called the Caveman Challenge – I would eat paleo for an entire month, and see where that got me. You see, I had gotten to the point where I was obsessed with my weight. I would weigh myself every single day, and if it didn’t move down at least a pound EACH day, I would be very upset. If I ever ate anything that I shouldn’t eat, I beat myself up about it. It was bad.

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