Bacon Chorizo Meatloaf

I’ve never liked meatloaf. Maybe it’s because I grew up with foreign parents, and so I never had meatloaf growing up. While all you Americans were eating meatloaf and watching The Wizard of Oz, I was eating bacalhao and calde verde and watching lions eat wild animals. I win.


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Easy Stir Fry Recipe

Fair warning – I made this recipe up myself. So I don’t really have exact measurements, or anything like that. But it is so quick and easy, and it is really, REALLY tasty. And it’s a really good way to eat some veggies that are about to go bad.

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Paleo Pad Thai

There’s a restaurant on the drag in Austin (Guadalupe street near the UT campus) called Madam Mam’s. It’s always packed, so one day Hope and I decided to walk in and check it out. The menu was overwhelming, to say the least – 10 pages filled with a ton of Asian food we had never even heard of. We thought about leaving, but Hope spotted a dish a couple next to us was eating and asked what it was. They said it was Pad Thai – the only thing they get at Madam Mam’s and they highly recommended it. It looked normal enough so we ordered it, and it’s now one of our favorite dishes in Austin.

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