12 in ’14: blacklight run AKA let’s take a shortcut AKA fun runs are not for me

it feels like forever since i’ve done an organized run, and for a while i was starting to worry that i skipped a month on accident. but i haven’t, this is just what happens when you do your last organized run at the beginning of the month – a whole month goes by before the next one. i know, i know – i have deep thoughts.


so  here comes july, and it is so miserably hot and humid in houston that it was really difficult to find a run that would work out. i also was starting to get tired of running by myself, and i wanted hope (my wife) to join me. knowing that she would only ever sign up for a 5K, my choices were extremely limited. then i found out about the blacklight run, and it seemed like a fun time, so i signed us both up.

let me just get this out of the way – themed fun runs are not for me. i discovered that during the blacklight run. it’s not that they aren’t clever or a good time, its just that i’ve started to get more serious about my running and it is hard to actually run when there are 16,000 other people running with you. yup – 16,000. it’s super crowded, poorly organized, and people who don’t typically run go to them. which i think is great – everyone should run – but it gets kind of annoying when you keep getting stopped by people just walking. so. painfully. slow.

the run itself was fine – it took place at night and just like the run or dye it was in the parking lot of reliant stadium. every kilometer there was a dj and basically a rave with glow powder, but considering how difficult it was to wash off the powder from run or dye, hope and i skipped the rave parties. and then, when we had about a mile left, there was a giant cluster of people so we decided to cut across the parking lot to avoid the crowd. because it was dark and so crowded and SO poorly organized, the shortcut that we took wasn’t a shortcut at all – we had accidentally doubled back and ended up running .25 miles more than we had too. annoying. that’s why you shouldn’t cheat, people.


so did i love it? hate it? here’s my answer – i had a great time running with hope. but i could have done the same thing in our neighborhood, for free. i’m glad i ran it, i’m glad i have july’s run crossed off my list, but i’ll probably never do the blacklight run again.

oh, and just in case you were wondering, here are our stats:

3.33 miles

total time: 45:13

average pace: 13:35


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