I love a good challenge. 6 pack abs in 6 weeks? Sign me up. 21-day challenge with My Fit Foods? Yes please. Crossfit? Ouch, but sure. That’s why i’m excited to announce a new challenge I’m starting on. I know. I start a lot of challenges and quit half-way through. But I’m making some changes this time around, and I’m hoping it will help me actually see this one to completion.

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12 in ’14: blacklight run AKA let’s take a shortcut AKA fun runs are not for me

it feels like forever since i’ve done an organized run, and for a while i was starting to worry that i skipped a month on accident. but i haven’t, this is just what happens when you do your last organized run at the beginning of the month – a whole month goes by before the next one. i know, i know – i have deep thoughts.


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