12 in ’14: why “it’s just a 5K” is a horrible thing to say

january – ABB 5K and houston marathon

february – rhythm and blues 5K

march – sugarland half marathon

april – green6.2

may – tough mudder and run or dye

june – heights fun run 5K

it’s june 11, and so far i’ve done 8 events this year, totaling almost 70 miles (with countless training runs in between). running an event a month is starting to become draining, on both my stamina and my wallet. but i’m still enjoying it.

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12 in ’14: surprise race! run or dye houston

when i ran my first 5K this year, i made the decision to do an event a month in 2014. a lot of people have asked me “why not just do 14 in 2014?” and to them i have always responded that i might try that. one run a month is a lot (its especially a drain on my wallet), so doing more than one a month seemed a bit much. but in january, i did a 5K and a marathon (24 hours apart, i might add), so i was just one away from 14 in ’14. i’m happy to say that, if i stick with my one event a month from now until december, i will hit that mark.

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