whatever happened to the clean eating challenge?

if you are asking yourself that question, i don’t blame you. I started out posting about it every day, and then missed a couple of days, and then stopped all together. but that doesn’t mean hope and i didn’t do it! here’s the proof:



cauliflower steaks and lentils. it was actually really, really good.



quinoa with chickpeas, blueberries, pistachios and mint. i thought it sounded disgusting, but all the flavors went together really, really well.


this was probably my favorite meal. a salad with bell peppers, cucumber, spinach, tomatoes and lentils. really, really good.



this was supposed to be a green onion, cauliflower and feta omelet. but i haven’t yet mastered the art of the omelet. so instead, i just scrambled everything together. pretty good.

so, are we going to do week 2? no. the main reason is that i felt trapped. if someone wanted to go to lunch for work, i couldn’t say yes because i already had a lunch made. if plans changed last second and i had to work late, i would waste the dinner that i was supposed to eat that day. also booze – i missed booze.

so was this just a fad, a flash-in-the-pan one time thing and we are back to our normal ways? no, not at all. we have learned and incorporated a lot of things into our eating habits, such as:

  • chickpeas, lentils and cauliflower – these were the stars of the cleanse. sure, i think fennel was supposed to be, but as we never got it because it looked weird, these three took the top spot. and they really go with anything.
  • meal planning, meal planning, meal planning. yes, it takes some time, but it is so worth it. yesterday (because it was a holiday and i was off of work) i made a plan for tuesday – friday, including breakfast, lunch, two snacks and dinner. and we are going to stick to it. it prevents unnecessary snacking, and it will also save us money on eating out. we are only going to do it for weekdays, not for the weekend. does that mean we won’t eat clean on the weekend? nope. but it means we can be a little more flexible.


  • eating healthy is CHEAPER than not eating healthy – even with value meals at mcdonalds. math is math, and we spent so much less money last week by simply eating at home and eating healthy.
  • eating healthy means you are doing the dishes and cooking ALL THE TIME – but you know what? put on some music and do it with your wife, and you will be having so much fun. trust me.

here’s to eating clean. try it – it’s totally worth it.


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