Buzzfeed’s Clean Eating Challenge Day 1

how does eating clean make me feel? i think this video sums it up quite nicely:

breakfast: kale and banana smoothie


putting the kale and the banana in the freezer the night before DEFINITELY made for a smoother smoothie.

snack 1: carrots and hummus


don’t know why i took a picture of this – as if you didn’t know what carrots and hummus looked like…

lunch: shaved asparagus salad with shallots and fried eggs


shaved asparagus? yeah right. i tried shaving them. the stalks kept breaking. also, we don’t love arugula, so we used spinach instead. this salad was really, really strange, but i liked it. don’t know that i would ever make it again… but i liked it fine.

also – do you like the plug for satori in that picture??

snack 2: pear with almond butter


it tasted a lot better than it looked. i also didn’t do any almond butter.

dinner: roast chicken bowl with quinoa and kale


i forgot to take a picture of this until we were almost done. i really liked it – but it was definitely weird. maybe that was because we invited hope’s parents and brother to come eat with us, and they kept calling me a hippie.



day one, done. overall, i ended the day exhausted and hungry. but i’m pretty glad i have one day under my belt!


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