buzzfeed’s clean eating challenge

i love a good challenge. if i see something that says “try _____ for ____days!” i usually do it. hope was making fun of me the other day because there was a billboard promoting eating vegetables, and it said something along the lines of “20 vegetable challenge – eat 20 different vegetables in 20 days!” and she said that i probably wanted to do it. so when i saw this post on buzzfeed last week, i knew i had to try it.

basically, the challenge last for two weeks, and it has you eating clean the entire time. they give you a shopping list for week one, and a shopping list for week 2, and then they break down each day for you. five meals a day, no alcohol, and no caffeine. it’s really cool because you have chicken for dinner one night, but you make a little extra so you use the left over chicken for a completely different recipe two days later. no food is wasted, everything is used.

somehow, i convinced hope to do it with me. the challenge is supposed to start on a sunday, with some prep work the day before. but because we were in galveston on saturday, we decided to do the prep work on sunday and have day one on monday.

the prep work starts with a trip to the grocery store – a three page grocery list, typed, on 8.5×11 size paper. needless to say, i was at HEB for 2 hours. on a sunday. just take a look at my grocery cart and you will see why:


obviously, ignore the cookies and the trail mix – the trail mix was my treat for not killing anyone at the grocery store and the cookies were for our last supper last night. people were giving me really weird looks in the grocery store – it’s probably because i had 5 pounds of kale. no joke.

i was freaking out as i approached the register, because i thought that i surely had $500 worth of stuff in my cart. but the total came out to $235 – and that included last night’s dinner as well as the cookies and the trail mix, all of which weren’t part of the challenge.

so let’s break this down: the challenge is 5 meals a day (let’s assume that each meal is the same ‘weight’ for the purposes of this breakdown), 7 days a week. my shopping trip yesterday was just for week 1, for 2 people. so that’s a total of 10 meals a day, 70 for the entire first week. that comes out to just $3.35 per meal. it honestly doesn’t get any better than that.

then i got home and put everything up, and the prep work began. they have you make these smoothie packs and put them in the freezer, to make for creamier smoothies later on in the week. for example, the smoothie for breakfast first thing on monday morning called for kale and a banana, so i put that in a ziplock, labeled it “mon wk 1 bfast” and put it in the fridge.


the prep took a little while, but it wasn’t too bad.

i’ll be updating each day as we go through this challenge. i’m hoping that it really ignites some change in our eating and spending habits. i’ll keep y’all updated…


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