tough mudder is tomorrow

y’all – i am so excited about tomorrow. i’m running my second tough mudder ever, and it’s been too long since the first one. i love running races that aren’t races, because i can actually enjoy them and not worry about how slow of a runner i actually am. plus, there are several opportunities to stop and catch your breath during a tough mudder – everyone has to do it before each obstacle, so it’s kinda nice.

i’ll be posting a race recap later this weekend or early next week – depends on how much i’m hurting when its all said and done.


here’s a picture from last year’s. my wife and some friends came to tailgate, and we spotted them when there was about a mile left of the run. susanne, kemp and i were exhausted, and barely running at this point. but when we saw them, we all three started running like we were being chased by zombies. made for a pretty bad ass pic, if i do say so myself.



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