whatever happened to the clean eating challenge?

if you are asking yourself that question, i don’t blame you. I started out posting about it every day, and then missed a couple of days, and then stopped all together. but that doesn’t mean hope and i didn’t do it! here’s the proof:

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buzzfeed’s clean eating challenge day 2

i know, i’m late in posting this. sorrrrrrry…


it honestly feels like forever since i’ve had chips or a margarita. or a delicious rum and coke. but… it’s only day 2, so that’s cool.

breakfast: overnight oats with blueberries and chia seeds


good not great. i don’t really love greek yogurt (it’s growing on me) and i really don’t like oatmeal… but all in all it wasn’t that bad.

snack: sliced tomatoes with feta and basil


yep. this again please. it was awesome.


lunch: kale, chickpea and fennel salad with orange vinaigrette


we had no fennel and we were out of kale, so i used spinach instead. and i kept the quinoa on the side. this was pretty good.

snack 2: two tangerines. you know what those look like. so i didn’t take a picture.

dinner: nappa cabbage wraps with chicken, tomatoes, mango and avocado


this was really great, but super hard to eat and really messy. the cabbage was surprisingly good, though.


overall thoughts: will this ever end? also, i’m getting pretty tired of cooking and doing the dishes.




but i’m still enjoying it. hope is being pretty great about it too, os that definitely makes it easier.

buzzfeed’s clean eating challenge

i love a good challenge. if i see something that says “try _____ for ____days!” i usually do it. hope was making fun of me the other day because there was a billboard promoting eating vegetables, and it said something along the lines of “20 vegetable challenge – eat 20 different vegetables in 20 days!” and she said that i probably wanted to do it. so when i saw this post on buzzfeed last week, i knew i had to try it.

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12 in ’14: Houston Marathon

i’ve always wanted to run a marathon. even when i was fat, and i hated running or exercising or doing anything other than eating at chili’s. in fact, i remember when i was in college and i went on a hunting trip with my soon to be father-in-law and brother-in-law. we had just gone night hunting (or nunting as i called it), and we were eating at, you guessed it, chili’s. i don’t know how the topic came up (probably kemp asking what our hopes and dreams were) and i announced that i was going to train for a marathon. they were super impressed (which is probably why i said it in the first place) and then i ordered an old timer with cheese and bacon.

needless to say, it would be at least 5 more years until i actually decided to run a marathon.

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tough mudder is tomorrow

y’all – i am so excited about tomorrow. i’m running my second tough mudder ever, and it’s been too long since the first one. i love running races that aren’t races, because i can actually enjoy them and not worry about how slow of a runner i actually am. plus, there are several opportunities to stop and catch your breath during a tough mudder – everyone has to do it before each obstacle, so it’s kinda nice.

i’ll be posting a race recap later this weekend or early next week – depends on how much i’m hurting when its all said and done.


here’s a picture from last year’s. my wife and some friends came to tailgate, and we spotted them when there was about a mile left of the run. susanne, kemp and i were exhausted, and barely running at this point. but when we saw them, we all three started running like we were being chased by zombies. made for a pretty bad ass pic, if i do say so myself.