12 in ’14: Green6.2

yesterday, i ran my event for april: the Green6.2. it just so happened to be my first ever 10K, so i was very excited to be able to cross this distance off my list. i’ve now done a 5K, 10K, half marathon, 25K, 30K, marathon and sprint triathlon. can’t stop, won’t stop.

the race started without a hitch – i got there in plenty of time and everything was well organized. i even snapped a quick picture of the starting line:


as with every race i do, early on during the run i picked someone who was slightly my same build and pace, but in a little better shape and a little faster, to race against. i called him Jim Gaffiguns in my head. i make myself laugh, at least:


i’ll get back to mr. gaffiguns in just a minute.

one thing i’ve started to notice in doing a race a month is that a lot of races in houston start downtown and go around that area. it starts to get a little repetitive. that’s why i chose this race – it started at city centre (near where i grew up), ran through some really awesome neighborhoods, past memorial city mall, and then back down gessner to city center. i enjoyed being able to run on streets i normally drive past, and some of the houses in these neighborhoods are just ridiculous.

i have to say, though, i was a little disappointed in the organization during the race. water stations ran out of cups way too often – honestly, running out of cups once is way too often. people had to cup their hands to get water towards the end. this is especially bad when it turns out this was a problem last year, but the issue still hasn’t been resolved. for a run in houston at the end of april, they really need to get this under control.

furthermore, people driving their cars was a big issue this race. because we were running in neighborhoods, there were streets that were completely blocked off. i’m assuming the race organizers let the homeowners know of the race, but there were two instances where people didn’t care about the safety of the runners and they tried leaving their homes anyway. it was extremely dangerous. this one guy though (the one pictured below with the awesome tat) decided to run really, really slowly in front of a jerk that was trying to navigate through the runners. i mean, he was practically walking, and the driver was livid. it was awesome.


back to mr. gaffiguns. honestly, i started to doubt myself because that guy is freaking jacked and i thought for sure he would beat me. and he tried to. in the last .2 miles, i looked at my pace watch to see how fast i was running to beat him (because he kept speeding up) and i was running a 7 minute mile. yikes. but i beat him, and it was awesome. i should have talked to him afterwards – hope says i need to make friends. but i’m always so ready to leave right after a race…

overall, i really enjoyed the Green6.2 – organizational issues aside. i didn’t do as well as i wanted to, but considering i hadn’t really run for three weeks before this, i guess i did ok. 6.2 miles in 1:08:44 at a pace of 11 :05 per mile isn’t too bad, i guess. and considering that this is my first ever 10K, i guess that means i pr’d. so i got that going for me.

here’s to next  year, Green6.2!


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