it’s all part of the plan

when i lost 100 lbs three years ago (or however long ago it was – i can’t keep track), i found out a lot about myself. i found out that i love eating healthy, but i love eating chips more. i found out that i LOVE running and working out. i also found out that i am really good sticking to a regimented plan – which is why quick weight loss centers worked so well for me.

when i was losing weight, i was a teacher. so i had time in the afternoons to go for a run – even if i ‘stayed late at work.’ i’m not a teacher anymore – i work in advertising now. every time i try to follow a workout plan, a client meeting or a pitch or a happy hour gets in the way. it’s extremely frustrating and disheartening. i’ll do really well for a few days, and then something work related will throw me off, and i’ll just give up.

so i’ve decided to try something new. take a look at my workout journal below:


i’m doing two things differently. first, i’m only planning out 5 days at a time. sure, my calendar for two weeks from now might look empty, but that can all change in 30 seconds. the second thing i’m doing is breaking up each page into a “planned” column and an “actual” column.

hopefully, this will be a much more flexible and customizable workout schedule. let’s say something comes up for friday and i can’t work out – that’s ok. i’ll just write down what i did or didn’t do in “actual” and then do friday’s workout on saturday. then, when i get to tuesday (which i haven’t planned yet), i can start all over and plan for the next five days.

i’ll let you know how this goes. here’s hoping it works…


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