i have a little bit of a problem

if you’ve been friends with me for a while, you’ve probably noticed it. heck, you’ve probably been super annoyed by it. so first off, let me just apologize. i don’t do it on purpose. but it just kind of happens. 

allow me to explain.

i go through spurts when it comes to social media. i’ll be all about it, create a blog and a twitter account and a facebook page, and go after it whole hog for a while. then i will get burned out, and stop using it for months. then i get the itch again, but instead of going back to what i had already started, i come up with a new idea, make a new blog and twitter and facebook page and start over from scratch. 

it’s really bad when you consider that i do social media for a living, and i am constantly warning my clients against this. 

well, i’ve just done it again. i got the itch. i made this blog. and a twitter account to go with it. but this time, i’m hoping it is different. this time, this blog is about me. 

all my other endeavors were about very specific things: viralNfection was about creative advertising. dietshmiet was about losing weight. but when something that i wanted to write or tweet about that didn’t really fit into those categories came up, i was kind of out of luck. not anymore.

here’s my commitment to this blog: i’m keeping up with it this time. this blog is only about one thing: me. if i want to write a post about something, i can – because this blog’s only theme is that it is the diary of one specific person. 

here’s hoping it sticks this time.

now, a little house keeping: if you really liked viralNfection and the ad of the week feature and other things like that, i sort of am doing that on my company’s official blog. so check out Satori Marketing to see interesting ads and campaigns. you can also follow us on twitter: @SatoriMarketing.

for more about former fat man’s diary, i’ve recently set up a twitter account (@formerlyafatty), an instagram account (formerlyafatty), and a vine account (mark pereira). follow me, if you dare. 


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