it’s all part of the plan

when i lost 100 lbs three years ago (or however long ago it was – i can’t keep track), i found out a lot about myself. i found out that i love eating healthy, but i love eating chips more. i found out that i LOVE running and working out. i also found out that i am really good sticking to a regimented plan – which is why quick weight loss centers worked so well for me.

when i was losing weight, i was a teacher. so i had time in the afternoons to go for a run – even if i ‘stayed late at work.’ i’m not a teacher anymore – i work in advertising now. every time i try to follow a workout plan, a client meeting or a pitch or a happy hour gets in the way. it’s extremely frustrating and disheartening. i’ll do really well for a few days, and then something work related will throw me off, and i’ll just give up.

so i’ve decided to try something new. take a look at my workout journal below:


i’m doing two things differently. first, i’m only planning out 5 days at a time. sure, my calendar for two weeks from now might look empty, but that can all change in 30 seconds. the second thing i’m doing is breaking up each page into a “planned” column and an “actual” column.

hopefully, this will be a much more flexible and customizable workout schedule. let’s say something comes up for friday and i can’t work out – that’s ok. i’ll just write down what i did or didn’t do in “actual” and then do friday’s workout on saturday. then, when i get to tuesday (which i haven’t planned yet), i can start all over and plan for the next five days.

i’ll let you know how this goes. here’s hoping it works…


i have a little bit of a problem

if you’ve been friends with me for a while, you’ve probably noticed it. heck, you’ve probably been super annoyed by it. so first off, let me just apologize. i don’t do it on purpose. but it just kind of happens. 

allow me to explain.

i go through spurts when it comes to social media. i’ll be all about it, create a blog and a twitter account and a facebook page, and go after it whole hog for a while. then i will get burned out, and stop using it for months. then i get the itch again, but instead of going back to what i had already started, i come up with a new idea, make a new blog and twitter and facebook page and start over from scratch. 

it’s really bad when you consider that i do social media for a living, and i am constantly warning my clients against this. 

well, i’ve just done it again. i got the itch. i made this blog. and a twitter account to go with it. but this time, i’m hoping it is different. this time, this blog is about me. 

all my other endeavors were about very specific things: viralNfection was about creative advertising. dietshmiet was about losing weight. but when something that i wanted to write or tweet about that didn’t really fit into those categories came up, i was kind of out of luck. not anymore.

here’s my commitment to this blog: i’m keeping up with it this time. this blog is only about one thing: me. if i want to write a post about something, i can – because this blog’s only theme is that it is the diary of one specific person. 

here’s hoping it sticks this time.

now, a little house keeping: if you really liked viralNfection and the ad of the week feature and other things like that, i sort of am doing that on my company’s official blog. so check out Satori Marketing to see interesting ads and campaigns. you can also follow us on twitter: @SatoriMarketing.

for more about former fat man’s diary, i’ve recently set up a twitter account (@formerlyafatty), an instagram account (formerlyafatty), and a vine account (mark pereira) Continue reading

August’s race – The Color Run!

welp, i’ve just registered for my event in August. i’ve heard pretty great things about The Color Run, but i’ve never done it before. i signed my wife up for it too – she doesn’t love running but i was able to convince her that five months was plenty of time to train for a 5K.

January, February, March, April, May and August all officially done or registered for. now just need to figure out what to do with the other months. any suggestions?


i’m sorry, but if that picture doesn’t look like fun to you… i don’t know what to say.

what’s next?

when 2014 started, i decided to run an event a month for the entire year. so far, i’ve done two 5Ks, a full marathon and a half marathon. in April i am running the Green6.2 – a 10K that starts at city centre here in Houston and goes through the neighborhoods that i grew up in; and in May i am doing my second Tough Mudder. but what about the rest of the year?

there are a few races that i know for a fact i want to do:

  • Color Run (5K) – August
  • Electric Run (5K) – September
  • Chosen Half Marathon – October
  • Santa’s Wonderland 5K – November

now i just need to figure out what to run in June, July and December. after April, i will have done 5Ks, 10Ks, 15Ks, half marathons, 25Ks, marathons, triathlons and Tough Mudders. i really loved doing the sprint triathlon, but i had to borrow my father-in-law’s bike, and i don’t really want to do that again.

i’ve also always wanted to do an Ironman, but after doing the marathon in January, there is no way i will ever do a full Ironman. maybe a half? has anyone reading this ever done a half Ironman before? what’d you think?

anyone have any suggestions as to which races i should run? i’d love to hear your input! of course, i’ll keep everyone updated once i make more race decisions.

’til next time, keep running.

12 in ’14: ABB 5K

i’m kind of a medal whore. at least that’s what my sister tells me. when i signed up for the Houston Marathon, there was an option to do a 5K the day before, and if you did the 5K, not only would you get a medal for the 5K and a medal for the marathon, but you would get a third medal basically saying that you did both that weekend.

and i wanted that third medal.

the 5K was great – it basically followed a similar course as the marathon, just obviously much, much smaller. it was during this 5K that i got my idea to do a running event a month in 2014. hopefully other people will sign up and do them with me, but even if they don’t – i’ll run them alone.

every race that i do, i  pick one person that i am secretly racing against. i read an article about this in runner’s world magazine, and it sounded like a good tactic to me. i usually pick someone that is running slightly faster, and is around my same build, so that it pushes me to run a little bit faster.

for this particular race, i picked a guy that was my same build, he was a little more fit than i was, and he was a little bit ahead of me – all the ingredients for a good race nemesis. throughout the entire three miles, he would run fast and get ahead of me, and then walk a little bit, so i would get ahead of him, and then the cycle would repeat itself.

when we got to the half-mile-left point, i decided that i wasn’t going to let this guy beat me, so i sped up. i looked to my right, and guess who was running the same exact speed as me? so i sped up even more. then he did. so i sped up again. he did too. eventually, we were full out running – something that i swore i wouldn’t do because i had the marathon the next day and i needed to take it easy. apparently, he had selected me as his race opponent, too.

i’m happy to say that i put out one final burst of speed, and ended up beating him. i turned around to find him afterwards and say something witty, but i couldn’t find him. good thing, cause i didn’t have any idea of what i was going to say.

even with that last burst of speed, i didn’t run the race as fast as i would have liked, but that’s ok because i was trying to take it easy before running the marathon the next day. i completed the 3.1 miles in 33:20, at a 10:45 pace per mile. not the best, but certainly better than the guy i was racing.


here we go again

yep. i’ve started another blog. another website. another project. it’s kind of an addiction.

this time, though, i hope to do something a little differently. at the beginning of this year, i decided to do one running event a month for 2014. it’s march, and i’ve already done 4 different events, so i think i’m doing pretty good so far.

i like to write (i’ve come to find out recently), so i thought i would track my progress and my thoughts on each event. maybe someone out there might be inspired by my triumphs and struggles. or maybe no one will check this out. either way, i’m gonna keep it up this time.

i hope.

here goes…